New Location, New Focus and Direction

Oh 2016!… A year of massive (and exciting) move forward!

In June, we signed the lease to an additional 2,000+ sq ft training facility – to complement the Structured Training Daycare and Boarding Services we offered at the time.  Overwhelming at first, yet a much needed working space!

As months went by, the remodeling progressed, and the new location took a life of its own… a new direction became more and more apparent.  I personally needed to be in a position to offer more lessons and classes, help my students achieve their goals more efficiently, follow their individual progress more closely, and overall be able to make more of a difference in their relationship with their pups.

By the beginning of September, I made the difficult decision to close our Boarding and Daycare facility (on Berea Road), and focus exclusively on training. Bitter-sweet time, as November would have marked our four year anniversary at the original location.  From intensive rescue rehabilitation, training and behavioral modification to Structured and Training Daycare, business and journey evolved.  We had more than 500 dogs come through our door!

Choosing to close an active, needed, growing, and financially stable branch of the business was not easy – neither emotionally nor logistically.  Yet it was necessary – to allow the training to thrive to its potential.  Looking back on the past few months, it was the best move I could have made for the business, my students, as well as myself, my family, and my own dogs.

Throughout the process, I have been humbled by our network of support.  Understanding, encouragement, referrals, clients and students, local pet businesses, veterinary clinics… (Certainly not expected, but also certainly much, much appreciated!)  Also quite thrilled that many of our “daycare / boarding pups” have been making the transition along with us: enrolling in stay-and-train programs, and continuing to visit for lessons and classes.


If we have not been in touch for a while and your pup is in need of emergency boarding, please contact us. I will be more than happy to provide a trusted referral depending on your pup’s temperament and needs.


THANK YOU, everyone, for your incredible support…

And oh… Happy Training! 🙂

~ Roxana Vlasceanu, HDP K9 Owner and Head Trainer

New HDP - Remodel

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