New Directions

This past year has brought about a few new developments and a change of direction with our little business.

We’ve followed our hearts and passions. We’ve grown a bit. We’ve added a new service, “Day Training School,” a training daycare program for busy families with active dogs. We’ve made a few changes to our staff, welcoming the addition of a new health and wellness specialist / training assistant. Redesigned our website (still a work in progress, but getting there). We’ve made fun and functional adjustments to our facility: separate play and training yards, rearranged our training floor to accommodate more dogs, added a little indoor play area, remodeled our office and pup boarding rooms… To name just a few of the changes.

While change is exciting, it can also be overwhelming at first, with things progressing rapidly in many different areas. We have refrained from making any public announcements for the past few months, until the dust had settled a bit, so to speak. As a result, you may have noticed the recent lack of posts on our FB page. But that is about to change as well.

After much thought, soul searching and consideration, we have also decided on an additional change. A fairly significant one. While our official business name continues to be High Drive Pups, LLC, we have chosen to informally adjust our web presence to HDP K9, to better reflect our current path. What that means:

  1. You will notice that our original website,, will now be redirected to
  2. Since FB is making it tough to change the name once the page has reached a certain number of likes, we decided the best route was to create a new page and start fresh. Please visit and, hopefully, give it a “like.” If you’d like, you could share the link on your page, or you could send individual invites to your friends, those who could potentially be interested in seeing our updates.

Thank you for your patience while we are working on our new website!

~ Roxana Vlasceanu, HDP K9 Owner and Head Trainer

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