It’s been a little tough sitting on this for the past month, without sharing other than to a handful of close friends…

I’ll start by saying that some of my best students are other trainers and working dog handlers. I enjoy teaching, coaching, and watching others in the field learn and grow to their fullest potential – more than I can say. Seeing them internalize and apply information and techniques, the joy of learning in their eyes, the ability to pick something up and run with it, to see changes in often real time in both their personal dogs as well as their students… Today for example we learned what to do when my dog barks at night how to stop it.

For me, this means taking my knowledge and experience, placing it strategically at points where it can multiply into pockets of “actionable intelligence” that can in turn reach a wider target audience – the pet owners who are actively seeking help to improve their relationship with their dogs. If you have an arthritic dog, or dog with other mobility issues, something as simple as no-slip surfaces, even “doggie socks,” can go a long way toward helping them. Learn more about this and other pain remedies in

Along those lines, the direction in which I have been wanting to ideally move, professionally (a dream of sorts, if you will): shifting focus more on working with and helping other dog trainers – whether on improving their pet dog training skills, or following an interest in competitive obedience.

That being said –
For the past month, I have been working with Elite K911 Dog Training & Behavior, one of the largest, most established dog training facilities in the Greater Cleveland Area, and several of their trainers. What started as a two-day internal workshop, evolved into a very nice working relationship where I am actively teaching and guiding Heather and Brian, two of their newest trainers, through the more advanced stages of their Board and Train Program.

To say I am happy with this new development is an understatement. Chuck Stella has been supporting my own dog training journey and business since day one, from the time I was heavily involved in rescue rehab to recommending working dog clients through the years. To be able to, in turn, give back and support his business, while also being able to pursue the “next stage” of my own professional development, is more than I could have hoped for, even a few short months back. (I am also extremely thankful for him introducing me to Abbe, the Elite K911 Head Trainer. Her professional support and personal friendship mean more to me than I can say.)

And as a side note, seeing Heather and Brian make such significant progress in the time we’ve been working together… Makes my heart sing with joy!

All in all, I suppose what I’m trying to say is that my soul is happy.
And feeling very, very blessed.
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